christopher purcell

Christopher Purcell is the director of Energy & Development Group which he founded in 1992 with partners. His experience includes project implementation of rural electrification and off-grid electrification programmes and he is an accomplished programme manager in fast-tracking programmes under the South African Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP).

He has strong financial and economic analysis skills, and undertakes financial feasibility and economic analyses of energy and electrification projects. He has extensive working knowledge of energy engineering and design in the broad context. Technical tasks include technical feasibility and specification, institutional arrangements, programme design and dealing with procurement aspects.

In the energy field he is involved specifically in electricity grid extensions, mini-grids, off-grid technologies and promoting transition to modern energy services. He works on large scale RE centralised generation of 1MW PV plant and mini-hydro schemes, and small scale decentralised systems.

Christopher works on design and specification of large scale institutional energy programmes for health, education, water, agriculture and ICT sectors in South Africa, Uganda, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia. He is currently part of teams working on a several rural electrification plans and projects in Uganda, aiming to increase access to energy to more than 500,000 new connections to rural institutions, SME and households. He has a great appreciation of the developmental aspects of electrification, and the place for the various generation technologies within them.

His focus is primarily on delivering the most economically viable and sustainable energy services and packages using the most appropriate local institutional structures, rather than ‘parachuting’ any specific technologies or models. 

solomon matlanyane

Solly commenced employment at EDG in June 2014 as a Electrical Field Technician.

innocent mdontsane

Innocent commenced employment at EDG in July 2014 as a community liaison..

teboho motsitsi

Teboho commenced employment at EDG in November 2014 as a community liaison..

natasha lamb

Natasha commenced employment at EDG in August 1995 as a receptionist/trainee admin assistant. She is now the the Office Manager. Her responsibilities include ensuring smooth running of the office and web management.



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